Consultation June 2021

Consultation on the background  evidence – June 2021

Results and Comments

Thank you to all the residents and organisations that completed the Consultation response form or sent in letters. Your views are very much appreciated and will guide the Parish Council on the next stage in putting together the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Overall we received 118 responses from residents and six from local and national organisations. The films that we produced as introductions to the topics (which were done due to COVID preventing face to face meetings) were well used with a total of 330 viewings and during the consultation period the website was viewed by 944 people.

A summary of the responses from residents along with answers to the many questions raised by residents >>> Consultation Response Summary

Access to the introductory films that were recorded for the consultation and the background evidence is still available below

Short Introductory Films

Change and Sustainability

Heritage and Design


Business and Community Services

Environment and Green Space 

1        Background Information and Evidence

1.1      Sustainability– The key object of our plan

  • Support paper – click Here to download

1.2       Protecting the Natural Environment

  • Natural Environment Background Paper –  click Here  to download

1.3       Our Heritage that makes the Parish so distinctive

  • Heritage Background Paper – click Here to download
  • Design Guidance and Design Codes – click Here to download low res or in high res Here

1.4       Green Spaces the Steering Group wish to preserve and protect

  • Local Green Space and Protected Open Space Background Paper – click Here to download

1.5       Community Needs and Facilities

  • Support paper – click Here to download

1.6       New Housing Sites for Housing

  • Housing Site Assessment Background Paper – click Here to download
  • Housing Needs Survey – CAN – click Here to download
  • Housing Needs Assessment – AECOM – click Here to download

1.7       Second Homes and Holiday Lets Background Paper.

  • Second and Holiday Homes Background Paper – click Here to download

1.8       Business, Tourism and Employment

  • Support paper – click Here to download

1.9       Transport and Access

  • Support paper – click Here  to download



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