Consultation June 2021

Consultation June 2021

1          Welcome to the Consultation and how to respondClosing Date 30th June 2021

The Parish Council, through a Steering Group which includes representatives from the local community, is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan to enable the local community to guide where and how development happens in the future as well as protecting and enhancing what is important to us. Our plan can include a range of policies and allocate sites both for protection and development. Once adopted any planning applications in our parish will be assessed against the policies within the plan.

We have undertaken a lot of background work and we feel it is important to obtain feedback on this before we prepare draft planning policies and land allocations.

The Consultation Information document (at 2 below) summarises the output of the work to date.

At 3 below we include an interactive map that shows potential sites for housing, Local Green Spaces and Protected Open Spaces.  

In view of COVID restrictions, we have produced five short introductory films which give a good introduction to the topics. The films are listed at 4 below and can be seen by clicking on the link.

All the research and background papers which include the evidence that has been compiled, are listed below at 5 below. These can be downloaded by clicking on the link given.

We need your views on the evidence we have compiled and the proposals

How to respond

You can respond by either:-

  • On-Line by using an electronic version of a response form by clicking on the link > >  Here   OR
  • You can send your views to the Parish Council by email to   OR
  • Write to the Parish Council at the following address:

Longhoughton PC, The Croft, Boulmer, Alnwick. NE66 3BW

2          Consultation Information Leaflet

This leaflet summarises the Consultation – click Here to download.

3          POTENTIAL Sites for Housing, Local Green Space and Protected Open Space

See interactive maps as follows:

View maps by clicking    Boulmer       Howick      Longhoughton

4          Short Introductory Films

Change and Sustainability

Heritage and Design


Business and Community Services

Environment and Green Space 

5        Background Information and Evidence

5.1      Sustainability– The key object of our plan

  • Support paper – click Here to download

5.2       Protecting the Natural Environment

  • Natural Environment Background Paper –  click Here  to download

5.3       Our Heritage that makes the Parish so distinctive

  • Heritage Background Paper – click Here to download
  • Design Guidance and Design Codes – click Here to download low res or in high res Here

5.4       Green Spaces the Steering Group wish to preserve and protect

  • Local Green Space and Protected Open Space Background Paper – click Here to download

5.5       Community Needs and Facilities

  • Support paper – click Here to download

5.6       New Housing Sites for Housing

  • Housing Site Assessment Background Paper – click Here to download
  • Housing Needs Survey – CAN – click Here to download
  • Housing Needs Assessment – AECOM – click Here to download

5.7       Second Homes and Holiday Lets Background Paper.

  • Second and Holiday Homes Background Paper – click Here to download

5.8       Business, Tourism and Employment

  • Support paper – click Here to download

5.9       Transport and Access

  • Support paper – click Here  to download


January 2021 – Vision and Objectives


2017 Boulmer Survey and Review here
2018 Longhoughton Survey and Review here
2019 Howick Survey and Review here