The initial consultations with residents that has produces evidence to back up the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan are as follows: Click to obtain a copy of the final Action Plans
2017 Boulmer Survey and Review here
2018 Longhoughton Survey and Review here
2019 Howick Survey and Review to follow

Church of St Peter & St Paul Longhoughton

Newsletter Announcements
The Boulmer, Howick and Longhoughton Villages bi-monthly Community Newsletter, issued by Longhoughton Parish Council and delivered to all households has been used to inform residents of developments relating to the Neighbourhood Development Plan. The following information has been given in the Newsletter: Click on the link for the monthly Newsletter.

October 2018 here –The Parish Council is considering compiling a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

December 2018 here – Decision taken to produce an NDP with details of content and governance

February 2019 here – Steering Group Formed, an appeal for more members, details of projects

April 2019 here – Vision and Objectives, Housing Needs Survey, web site and vacancies

June 2019 here – Housing Needs Survey and the new web site

August 2019 here – Vision and Objectives

October 2019 here – Housing Needs Survey feedback

Housing Needs Survey

The Final Report of the Housing Needs Survey that residents completed in
June has now been received and considered by the Parish Council and
Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group. It has identified 35
households that expressed a housing need.
Overall 199 survey were completed which was 28% of those distributed and
this is considered to be a good response and equivalent to other similar
surveys in Northumberland. The Survey was conducted by Community Action
Northumberland (CAN) and they compiled the following key points:

• The most common reasons expressed for housing need were that no
suitable homes were available locally, the current home was too large, or
the current home was too small.
• A strong theme emerged around the need to adjust housing accommodation
as people grow older. This was often associated with access issues using
stairs, a perceived lack of local amenities or the need to downsize and
reduce outgoings.
• Evidence of some need for families to grow and for children to find
their own accommodation was also present.
• 34% of households who expressed a housing need were interested in
buying on the open market with a discount (11 households).
• 31% indicated a desire for affordable rented homes from the local
authority (10 households) with 15% expressing a similar desire for
affordable rented homes from a housing association (5 households).
• Buying on the open market was the preferred option for many households
expressing a housing need (56%).
• The largest expressed need is for two bedroom bungalows (13 preferences
in total) followed by two bedroom houses (8 preferences). Demand is also
expressed for three bedroom houses (6 preferences), four bedroom houses and
three bedroom bungalows (5 preferences each).
• 55% of respondents, who indicated their household income and expressed
a housing need, indicated an annual household income of less than £25,000.
32% could not afford more than £400 per month for their housing and 22%
could not afford a deposit of £1,000.
The full report can be read at Housing Needs Survey – Final Report
This is a vital piece of evidence that will contribute to the Neighbourhood
Development Plan and the need for housing.

Further work is being undertaken to assess the demand for properties from
those who currently live outside the Parish and who may wish to move here.
The time period that is being considered is from now until 2036.