The initial consultations with residents that has produces evidence to back up the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan are as follows: Click to obtain a copy of the final Action Plans
2017 Boulmer Survey and Review here
2018 Longhoughton Survey and Review here
2019 Howick Survey and Review to follow

Church of St Peter & St Paul Longhoughton

Newsletter Announcements
The Boulmer, Howick and Longhoughton Villages bi-monthly Community Newsletter, issued by Longhoughton Parish Council and delivered to all households has been used to inform residents of developments relating to the Neighbourhood Development Plan. The following information has been given in the Newsletter: Click on the link for the monthly Newsletter.

October 2018 here –The Parish Council is considering compiling a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).
December 2018 here – Decision taken to produce an NDP with details of content and governance.
February 2019 here – Steering Group Formed, an appeal for more members, details of projects.
April 2019 here – Vision and Objectives, Housing Needs Survey, web site and vacancies.
June 2019 here – Housing Needs Survey and the new web site

Housing Needs Survey
There will be two types of housing needs surveys.

1 Survey of the existing population to find out the needs for new housing over the next five years, especially affordable housing. The survey will be distributed to all homes in the Parish and will identify those people who need to move home due to an expanding family, or have young people living at home who would like to have their own place. At the other end of the scale it will identify those people who would like to downsize. Affordability will be a key issue in the survey and this will be considered by looking at individual circumstances rather than working on regional averages. The survey will be conducted by Community Action Northumberland (CAN) who are independent and have carried out other similar survey in Northumberland. Completed surveys will be sent by pre-paid post to CAN who well analyse and summarise the results. CAN will adhere strictly to a confidential code. The survey results will not identify any individuals.
The survey results will identify the number and type of houses and their pricing, that need to be built over the next five years to satisfy the demand.

2 The second exercise will be a desk top exercise to try and establish the number of families, couples and individuals who want to move to Longhoughton Parish over the next few years. These may be people who are returning to their roots or people who like the area and want to live here.

Overall the two exercises above will identify the approximate number of houses and type that need to be built in the Parish over the next few years. This will then lead to questions of where the houses should be built. Design of the housing will also be considered in terms quality and style but taking affordability into account.