Responsibility for Approving the Draft Plan
Longhoughton Parish Council will be responsible for approving the NDP. It will delegate responsibility for developing the Plan to a NDP Steering Group.

Church of St Peter & St Paul Longhoughton

NDP Steering Group
The Steering Group will comprise appropriate representatives from the following organisations:
• Five members of the Parish Council consisting of three from the Longhougton Ward and one from each of the Howick and Boulmer Wards. There are Councillors Carole Green, Peter Bromley, John Haughie and Adrian Hinchcliffe
• The County Council Ward member for Longhoughton – Councillor Wendy Pattison
• One Trustee/Director representative of the Longhoughton Community and Sports Centre Trust – Chris Thomas.
• One Trustee representative of Howick Village Hall – John Haughie
• One Trustee representative of Boulmer Memorial Hall – Margaret Robinson.
• One representative of St Peter and St Pauls Church – Andrew Willmott
• One representative of the business sector – Suzanne Hodgson
• One representative of the Royal Air Force – Ayshea Lewis.
• One youth representative – vacant
• Four community representatives – Bryan Ellis plus three vacancies
The work of the Steering Group will be conducted in accordance with the Terms of Reference here approved by the Parish Council.

Howick Hall and Gardens

Consultation Principles and Objectives

Engage with all residents and other bodies
Reflect opinions
A Consultation and Communications Strategy was approved by the Steering Group on 30.01.19. Click here to see a copy.

Steering Group Minutes – Click on the date to see a copy
Minutes of 12.12.2018

Minutes of 30.01.2019

Minutes of 06.03.2019

Minutes of 10.04.2019

Minutes of 17.07.2019

Minutes of 11.09.2019

Minutes of 04.11.2019

Minutes of 02.12.2019

Minutes of 26.02.2020

Minutes of 04.03.2020

Minutes of 23.07.2020

Howick Village Hall
Boulmer Hall
Old Football field Longhoughton